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Blue Pool Day Tickets

EA Rod Licence Numbers. It is a legal requirement that any person 13 and over has a license to fish, and is right for the number of rods that you may be using at any one time. Therefore, TAA will only allow persons who have a valid rod license to obtain a ticket to fish our waters. Those aged 13-15 MUST register with the Environment Agency, this is FREE OF CHARGE, and input their AGE into the EA Rod license field on the form. Any persons 16 AND OVER need to input their license number that comes with your license details from the Environment Agency. OUR KEEPERS HAVE THE RIGHT TO ASK FOR PROOF OF YOUR ROD LICENSE.  HAVING A LICENSE IS A PART OF OUR RULES THAT YOU HAVE AGREED TO HONOR BY PURCHASING A DAY TICKET TO FISH TAA WATERS. 

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Not before sunrise must leave at the Time displayed on the venue main page. Only valid for the date you have chosen to fish. Blue Pool.


Service Description

  • Day tickets can only be used by the person named on the ticket (this may differ from the person buying it).

  • Day tickets are only valid on the date chosen during the purchasing process.

  • Day tickets can only be used on the venue indicated on the ticket i.e. chosen and booked on by the day ticket holder.

  • Day ticket checks will be carried out by TAA Bailiffs, Keepers and Committee members ("TAA Staff") during their daily and nightly checks.

  • All TAA staff will show identification as proof of position.

  • All TAA staff decisions are final.

  • By purchasing a day ticket, you agree to abide by TAA rules. These can be found at

  • NO refunds will be given for day tickets. Due to the fact that our waters do not have 24/7 monitoring by TAA staff, there is no way of knowing if a day ticket holder has fished, and then left the venue before their ticket can be checked. In such instances, the day ticket holder has used the service.

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