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On this page you'll find various articles and advice which will hopefully help you broaden your angling knowledge or save you money, if you have anything you'd like to share please send it through to us, see our Contact page for ways to do this.

Blue-Green Algae (Cyanobacteria)

Blue-Green Algae is a perfectly natural phenomena,  in basic terms it is a photosynthetic bacteria which grows in both fresh and marine water. Most typically, blue green algae grows in lakes, ponds and slow-moving streams where the water is warm and nutrient-rich. 

Please click HERE (you will be taken to an external site) or more detail of how it occurs, why and the effects it can have on the water environment and therefore fish and other wildlife.

NOTE: it is dangerous to humans and other mammals if digested.

 European Translations for Bailiffs

Please click HERE to view some basic European Translations regarding licencing, you can print this out or show it on your phone.  If you have difficulty with an angler understanding English just show them this leaflet.  If you want other languages or phrases just let us know.

Fishing Makes You Healthier and Happier

If you already go fishing then you already know this, that's why we all going fishing, but check out to understand why we all enjoy it, and don't forget to mention some of these if your partner tells you you go fishing too much!.


This is an American article so we need to remind you that "Reason 5" does not apply, in so much that we have a Catch and Release on ALL of our waters for all species.

All Tied Up, Not Sure What Knot To Use?

One knot doesn't do everything.


If your not sure which knot to use, or just want to see what other knots are out there, click on the picture opposite.

Save Money on Maggots

Not used all the maggots you bought?


Add your unused maggots to some fresh sawdust or bran to get them dry, sieve so they are free from the sawdust or bran and pop them in the freezer.  Take them on your next trip, they defrost very quickly, and use as loose feed, can also be used on the hook as fish still feed on them.  They tend only to freeze once so discard if not all used.

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