Madebrook Pools (Mad Brook)

Madebrook or Madbrook Pools, 2 small pools located in the Stirchley area of Telford, opposite the Telford park School.  Only the larger, pictured, pool is fishable, the second, smaller, pool is full of reeds.  The pool is easily accessed with parking on the neighbouring roads.


Main species are Roach and Perch, Tench are present and there are one or two large 20 lb plus Common Carp in the water which you will see cruising the water.  You need to choose which species you are going for as the tackle set ups will be radically different, the Roach and Perch tend only to respond to very light tackle.

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4.5lb mixed bag of good sized Roach and Perch.


Caught on a mix of maggot and corn, switching from one to the other as bites dried up, maggot and corn together also produces when single bait doesn't work.  Bites are quick and often as soon as the bait hit the water.

Water depth is generally shallow, less than 2 foot and the water very clear.  Very 'weedy' but easily fished on top of the weed.

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