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January 2019

Apley Pool - path maintenance


Maintenance of the paths around our Apley pool are progressing well, when complete it is going to make access so much easier.

As part of the nearby housing development additional parking will also be provided.

December 2018 / January 2019

Re-Stocking Program


Throughout December ad January we have been undertaking a comprehensive re-stocking program across a number of our pools, including; Tee Lake, Madebrook, Holmer and Horsehay.

Check out our Facebook page for more details, pictures and videos.

1st December 2018

How To Catch Big Pike - would you like this book?


We have been given a copy of Paul Gustafson's landmark book, "How To Catch Big Pike", now in its 3rd revised and extended edition.  This book really is THE must have for any serious Pike Angler, or if you want t learn how to be an accomplished Pike Angler!

We are Auctioning off this copy, with all proceeds being donated to "Access to Angling", our program that encourages the less abled to giving fishing a try. 

Bids can be made by email to the highest bid* received as of 5pm on 16th December 2018 will be the winner.

If your not lucky enough to win, you could of course buy your own copy, well worth the read.

Auction Terms;

*Final Bid must reach the reserve to win, if the reserve is not reached the auction will be closed without a sale.

Closing Date of auction is 5pm on 16th December 2018.

Bids must be made by email to no other method of bidding will be accepted.

Winning bidder must collect the book from Telford, if the book is to be posted then an additional £5 will be added to the winning bid.

100% of the winning bid will be donated to Access to Angling

18th November 2018

The Flash - Priorslee


We've been advised that the bridge on The Flash is being renewed this week, should be starting on 21st and complete by end of day on the 22nd (although this is the council so could be 22nd December!!!!)

9th November 2018

Priorslee Flash


More great work being done on The Flash, more pegs completed and more planned.  Excellent work guys.

Check out our gallery page for more photos!

Thank you to the team for their continued hard work.

9th November 2018

Priorslee Flash


More great work being done on The Flash, more pegs completed and more planned.  Excellent work guys.

Check out our gallery page to see how the work progresses

Thank you to the team for their continued hard work.

20th October 2018

Catch News


There are some great catches being reported, check out our Gallery Page for more details and pictures.  Click on the link below

9th October 2018

Priorslee Flash


Some fantastic work being done on The Flash today, repair, replacement and maintenance of the pegs to make your fishing experience that little bit more comfortable.

Thank you to the team for their continued hard work.

6th October 2018

Stan Harris Memorial Match


A massive thank you to all involved and to everyone behind the scenes for another successful Charity match in particular Allyson, Andrea, Beth, Bryn ,Laura and Chris.

£369 was raised on the day, click the Facebook link below for the final amount raised.

Jon Portman was the lucky winner with 47lb.

1st October 2018

Blue Pool


Please note that Blue Pool will be being used by groups of Canoeists on 6th October between 10:30am and 4:00pm, the canoeists will be supervised and will be limited to the Southern end and Eastern side of the pool so will not cause any inconvenience to anglers.  As part of these activities the canoeists will be undertaking a water borne litter pick so there should be an improvement in the pool afterwards.

22nd September 2018

River Severn - Sweeney Cliffe stretch - UPDATE


Whilst we are still in discussions with our landlords on access to this stretch we are pleased that we are able to open part of the stretch with immediate effect.

You are now able to fish the upper part of this stretch which runs from the bottom of the Brewery Water stretch (so from the small stream) to just upstream of the ruins of the Sweeney Cliffe house.  NOTE: you are nor permitted to fish the area in front of the ruins.  This is clearly highlighted on the stretch map, click HERE for the map and choose the DOCX map.

Bailiffs are still patrolling and any member found fishing in areas other than above will be asked to leave and may face suspension or removal of their membership.

18th September 2018

Trench Pool and Middle Pool - UPDATE


Following the unfortunate discovery of KHV at Trench and Middle we have been working closely with the Fish Health Inspectorate (FHI) and we are now in a position to review the closure.  This re-opening has been authorised and approved as safe by the FHI.

We are aiming to re-open both pools in October 2018, the exact date is to be confirmed and the date when decided will be posted on the website and our Facebook page.  This reopening will be subject to some very strict rules, as below;

  • NO keepnets or sacks are allowed.  (Landing nets must still to be used).

  • Dipping Stations will be provided on each pool and MUST be used by ALL anglers.

  • All Landing nets, Weigh Slings, Unhooking Mats and any cloths / towels etc. MUST be dipped on leaving the pool.

The pools will be opened on the understanding that you, as a responsible angler follow the above rules - FISH CARE IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

If any angler is found to be breaking these rules they will face disciplinary action which could lead to being banned and the pools being closed again.

29th August 2018

River Severn - Sweeney Cliffe stretch


With immediate effect the Sweeney Cliffe stretch og the River Severn is closed to fishing whilst we discuss bank side access and access in general with our landlords.

Bailiffs are still patrolling and any member found fishing will be asked to leave and may face suspension or removal of their membership.

22nd August 2018



Due to the high levels of Algae bloom on Middle pool and the impact this has on oxygen levels we have, following advice from the EA and FHI taken the decision to temporarily close the pool with immediate effect.  Algae bloom is a perfectly natural, if not unwanted, phenomena.

We thank you for your understanding at this time and we will advise as soon as the pool can be re-opened.

5th August 2018


With the improvements in water and temperature conditions over the past week we have decide to re-open Apley pool effective immediately.  There will however remain in place a ban on Keep Nets until further notice except when competing in official matches.

Thank you to all for your support and understanding during this period.

28th July 2018


We have taken the decision to close Apley Pool from 9am Monday 30th July 2018 to 9am Saturday 3rd August 2018, during this period there is to be NO FISHING, anyone found to be fishing will be subject to TAA's disciplinary procedures which could lead to you losing your permit and being banned.

We have taken this steps for reasons of fish welfare and following our discussions with the EA.  The ammonia levels in the water are currently very high and coupled with the high temperatures and potential storms this will place the fish under undue stress.  It is possible that you will see fish in distress and even some deaths, please report any by messaging us through our website.

15th July 2018



Following the recent closure  of Trench Pool (see article below of 13th July) it is appropriate that we remind all anglers of the need for additional biosecurity


Whilst there is no proven disease on any local water it is Best Practice to always fully dry and / or disinfect all of your nets, bags, slings and mats after every session and again before use.


With us all increasingly fishing numerous waters, whether TAA or other waters, the risk of transferring diseases is increased, we therefore need to emphasise the importance of following this Best Practice. If you are unsure what this means please ask for advice.

Click on the following link for more information



Stop The Spread Check Clean Dry

14th July 2018

Access to Angling Fishing Festival - 14th July 2018

A fantastic day had by all, with over 80 people with disabilities able to experience angling as well as just have a great day in the sun with lots of fun activities.  Click on the links below for a full update on how the day went complete with photos.

13th July 2018

Trench Pool Closure

Following the recent fish deaths experienced on Trench Pool we requested assistance from CEFAS / The Fish Health Inspectorate (FHI), following this request The FHI were on site today completing tests.


It is with regret that they have confirmed that the fish deaths are most likely due to KHV, this is a very contagious disease and the pool will remain closed until further notice, this is likely to be for an extended period of time - there must be NO fishing whilst this closure is on place. CEFAS has further commented that TAA has done nothing wrong with regards to this stocking taking all necessary steps such has health checks, and they will be liaising with the CRT, as owners, with regards to their stocking. As a responsible organisation we have informed CEFAS of our belief that some fish may have been moved to either Middle or The Flash by unknown individuals and against any TAA instructions, their instructions is for us is too monitor these pools which we will do, should you find any dead fish in these pools please report immediately via email to and we will take the appropriate action, if you know anybody who has transferred fish please let us know as a matter of urgency. We need to ask ALL anglers who have used Trench this season to fully dry all nets or disinfect them in case they have become contaminated, please do not use any net used on Trench on any other pool until you have done this. We will now consider what further actions may be required. We have released this information as soon as it has become available to us, we have taken on board feedback regarding our openness and communications and it is hoped that this openness will be seen that we are being honest and up front with regards to our communications and this will continue, we ask that all members now strive to work with us and move forward. Any questions on this matter should be forwarded via our website or emailed to us. Like you we are sorry, and devastated, that this has happened but will do all in our power to ensure the issue is dealt with and prevented from spreading to other pools.

09th July2018

Pool Maintenance Horsehay Pool

Today, in conjunction with CapGemini, we spent the day tidying up around Horsehay Pool.removing some old pegs and installing some new ones.

Thank you to the team from CapGemini and a number of Bailiffs and Committee members for giving their day up to help.

There is more work to do on this pool but it has been started and is work in progress.  Feedback from anglers so far has been overwhelmingly positive and the number of anglers fishing the pool has increased already

You asked, we did - this is just another one of the things that your membership fees contributes too.

For additional photos of the work carried out please click on the link below;

Horsehay Pool Telford

Horsehay Pool Telford


Horsehay Pool Telford

Horsehay Pool Telford


Horsehay Pool Telford

Horsehay Pool Telford


Horsehay Pool Telford

Horsehay Pool Telford


Horsehay Pool Telford

Horsehay Pool Telford


Horsehay Pool Telford

Horsehay Pool Telford


Horsehay Pool Telford

Horsehay Pool Telford


Horsehay Pool Telford

Horsehay Pool Telford


Horsehay Pool Telford

Horsehay Pool Telford


Horsehay Pool Telford

Horsehay Pool Telford


06th July2018

Pool Maintenance Update

From the beginning of the year we have been running a survey to find out what you think of our pools, you told us they need improving, so over the past few months we have been spending a considerable about of time and effort improving the pegs around a number of our pools.

So far we have started on;

  • Little Apley - peg improvement, path improvement and cutting of under growth and trees.

  • Middle Pool - clearing and cutting back pegs and laying bark, cutting of under growth and trees.

  • Dot Hill and T Lake - clearing and cutting back pegs and laying bark, cutting of under growth and trees.

  • Apley  - repairing and replacing pegs and little removal.

  • Randlay Pool - installing a path from the public footpath to the pool edge.

  • Blue Pool - repairing and replacing pegs (starting soon)

  • Horsehay Pool - new pegs installed and undergrowth cut back (this will be continued through July).

  • Wide Waters - paths improved.

The remaining pools will also be targeted over the coming months.  If you want to lend a hand please get in touch.

You asked, we did - this is one thing that your membership fees cntributes too.

Blue Pool, Telford

Blue Pool, Telford

Maintenance July 2018

Blue Pool, Telford

Blue Pool, Telford

Maintenance July 2018

Blue Pool, Telford

Blue Pool, Telford

Maintenance July 2018

BluePoo, Telford

BluePoo, Telford

Maintenance July 2018

Randlay Pool, Telford

Randlay Pool, Telford

Maintenance July 2018

Randlay Pool, Telford

Randlay Pool, Telford

Maintenance July 2018

Randlay Pool, Telford

Randlay Pool, Telford

Maintenance July 2018

Randlay Pool, Telford

Randlay Pool, Telford

Maintenance July 2018

Randlay Pool, Telford

Randlay Pool, Telford

Maintenance July 2018

30th June 2018

Open match Results - Dandy Pool

A fantastic set of results came off the Dandy today (30th June) with 300 lb of fish coming from the top five alone.  

  1. Matt Stobb 90 lb 3 oz

  2. Pete Davidson 87 lb 2 oz

  3. Glenn Brown 60 lb 3 oz

  4. Gil Mullinder 34 lb 14 oz

  5. Dave Thomas 27 lb 2 oz

  6. David Emlyn 24 lb 5 oz

Well done to all and proof of the quality of our pools.  If you would like to book one of our pools for a match drop us a line.​

19th June 2018

Some Great Fish Coming out of Priorslee Flash

Just a small selection of some of the great fish coming out of 'Priorslee Flash'

5th June 2018

Bailiff Recognised by Local Authority!

Our Bailiff for Tee Lake and Dothill Poll, Sam Dorricott, has received formal recogniton from Telford and Wrekin Concil for his outstanding work and contribution to the local area, as well as saving the life of an eldery Gent who had fallen by the lake, had Sam not taken swift action it is believed that this gent would have died.  Well Done to Sam.

4th June 2018

Middle Pool - maintenance works

Some maintenance works have started on Middle Pool, carried out by our new Bailiffs, Carl and Anthony, thank you both for your hard work.  Still more to do but a great start and a real difference already.  Please respect the efforts put in and clear away your litter and keep the area tidy.

13th May 2018

Charity 24hr Carp Fishing Match - Results

Our Charity 24 hour Fishing match on Trench pool on 12th to 13th May 2018 and a great time was had by all, raising £130 into the bargain which is being donated to the Access to Angling Disabled Fishing event being held on 14th July 2018 at Little Apley, check out its page, by clicking here, for more details.

It was a tough event with a very slow start, we think the fish were playing with the anglers and teasing them with only one fish of 18lb coming out on the 12th, and that went to the eventual winner, some of the other anglers seemed to forget how to fish, not realising that when the alarm goes off it means there's a fish on the hook (Allyson), all other fish came out on the 13th and we were thinking that the match might be won with just 1 fish, thankfully lots more came out towards the end.


Here's the scores on the doors;

  1. Anthony Medlicott - 50lb

  2. Craig Vernon - 32lb

  3. Jord Edwards - 26lb 8oz

Click HERE for all the photos and videos

of the Match.

30th March 2018

Charity 24hr Fishing Match - advance notice

There will be a Charity 24 hour Fishing match on Trench pool on 12th to 13th May 2018.   The pool will be closed on the 12th and 13th.   Normal TAA match rules apply, £20 entry fee (£10 to charity, £10 to pools).  For details please contact Allyson (Secretary) contact details on your Permit.

26th February 2018

Fishing Festival - 14th July 2018

There will be a Fishing Festival on Little Apley pool on 14th July 2018, organised by Jon Portman.  Access to Angling - Casting Beyond Boundaries is dedicated to bringing together those with disabilities, whether physical or otherwise, to enjoy angling together with and supported by able bodied anglers.

Even if your not already an angler but think you would like to have a go come and join in, all welcome, there will be anglers on hand to help and support and all equipment is provided.

Check out Jons link for more information.

28th February 2018

TRENCH POOL - maintenance works

Works are currently being carried out on this pool by our Landlords, The Canal and River Trust.  The work is being carrid out in phases, the first phase (underway now) is the removal of trees and associated works, mainly on the Dam bank, this is required for reasons of safety and security of the dam, as we all know tree roots can play havoc on structures and dams are not immune from this damage.

Further stages of work will be carried out on the banks, this may involve changes to the structure of the bank with rocks being removed, moved or just changed to improve the integrity of the bank.  Whilst this may involve changes to or the removal of fishing pegs this work is essential to protect the dam and hence the residents below and around the dam.

Whilst these works are underway fishing is still permitted on Trench but extra care will be required and no fishing is to take place where the contractors are working.  If in doubt check with the contractors before set up.

8th February 2018

Its has been brought to our attention that fish are being moved from Trench Pool to Middle Pool.

You should be aware that this is illegal as all fish movements must be approved and licenced by the EA, the reason for this is to limit / prevent any disease or parasites etc that the fish may have from one pool to another, although our fish are healthy you never know when an out break could occur.

Any member found to be carrying our such activities will be subject to TAA disciplinary rules which could lead to a life time ban, you will also be reported to the EA and Police.

If you see this activity taking place please ensure you report it to TAA by email to or via our contact page

11th January 2018

Apley Pool - Health Warning

We have had it confirmed that Apley Pool is currently suffering from a case of Toxic Blue-Green Algae (Cyanobacteria).  Whilst the appearance of this is not pleasant and looks very bad we are informed by the Environment Agency that this is a mild case which has no immediate negative affects on the fishery, nonetheless it is very dangerous to humans if digested, you should also keep dogs out of the water.


We have considered whether to close the pool to fishing, however having taken advice from the Environment Agency we have been told there is no need to close the pool, fish and fishing is not affected, however it is advised that care is taken to ensure no water is digested (splashes etc).  It is our suggestion however that fishing does not take place.

For more information on Blue-Green Algae please click HERE.

8th January 2018

Horsehay Pool - Illegal Dumping

The photos opposite show an act of illegal dumping INTO Horsehay Pool.  A local resident informed TAA and our team immediately responded, removed the offending item (a fridge) from the pool and returned it to where it has come from advising the owner of the issue.

The issue seems to have occurred as someone left an old fridge outside their premises, some moron then decided to throw it into the pool.  The moral is, dispose of things properly.

Horsehay Pool
Horsehay Pool
Horsehay Pool
Horsehay Pool
Horsehay Pool

1st January 2018

Fishing Videos

We are pleased to announce our new link with the YouTube CATCH FISHING CHANNEL produced by Jamie Harrison.

Jamie produces a series of useful Fishing Videos which you can watch and learn from.

Check it out by clicking HERE.  There is also a link on our Links page, Catch Fishing Channel

5th December 2017

Re-Stocking at Trench Pool, Telford

The second of our planned re-stocking exercises took place today on Trench Pool.  Another example of the progressive leadership team working to improve the TAA.


Between 100 and 200 double figure Carp, courtesy of the Canal Trust, were given a new home, some great fish, a total weight of over 2500lb, yes, 2500lb.


If your not already a member, what more of a reason do you need to join,  check us out on our Joining Page. 

Trench Restocking

3rd December 2017

Maintenance of Pegs at Dothill Pool, Telford

Thanks to Sam and team for the work they have done on Dothill to improve the pegs, whilst maintaining an environment suitable for wildlife - Dothill is also a Local Nature Reserve.

Prior to this work many of the pegs wer very muddey and made it unpleasant to fish, partiularly in poor weather, we now have many all weather pegs.

Well Done team.  Another example of TAA, a progressive association.

Dothill Maintenance

2nd December 2017

Open Match - Apley Pool

A very cold day led to another tough match.  This season this pool has delivered bags in excess of 100lb but nothing like that today.  Still a good turn out and an enjoyable, if not cold, session was had by all.  We would like to thank all who took part, these winter matches are just the precurser to our planned Matches for the 2018 season, watch this space for details

1st - Dave Langford with 4lb 61/2oz

2nd - Gerry Powell with 3lb 8oz 

3rd - Mick Musgrove with 61/2 oz (3rd last time as well Mick)

1st December 2017

Re-Stocking at Widewaters Pool, Dawley

The first of our planned re-stocking exercises took place today on WideWaters pools in Dawley.  Over 3000 little beauties were delivered consisting of 1000 each of perfectly formed and very healthy 4 inch Roach, Tench and Bream and 250 Crucians.

Might be small now but every large fish started out as a small fish at some point, these will settle in nicely over the winter and will really start to show in the spring of 2018 when they will add to the sport to be had at Wide/

Thanks to Allyson, our Secretary, for organising this re-stocking.


23rd to 25th November 2017

Peg Maintenance - Holmer Lake

Thanks to Andy, the bailiff, and his small team a lot of work has been carried out on Holmer Lake to improve its Pegs.

Most of the pegs have now been cleared and relaid with gravel to make better fishing platforms, still a few pegs to complete but a fantastic job so far and more to come in advance of some re-stocking early Spring 2018.

Well Done Andy and team.


18th November 2017

Open Match - WideWaters Pool, Dawley

A very tough match was had by all, a hard frost the night before made going very difficult with few fish biting.  None the less an enjoyable match for all.

1st - Nick Cadwollender with 3lb 8oz

2nd - Jamie Turner with 3lb 1/2 oz (not pictured)

3rd - Mick Musgrove with 1lb 91/2 oz

11th November 2017

REMINDER - There must be NO DIGGING of banks on any water.

Unless under the direction of an Official Work Party there must be NO DIGGING of banks on any water.

A couple of pictures taken at Tee Lake where the bank has been dug out to make steps to the water, the second picture shows were previous steps have eroded and caused a slippery bank.  This is dangerous to both anglers and passers by, if it continues we risks at best having to pay to reinstate the bank, at worst losing our water.

You are reminded that digging of any bank is against Association rules and if caught you risk facing disciplinary proceedings which could result in you losing your permit.

4th November 2017

Open Match - Apley Pool


The first of our new series of Open Matches took place on Apley Pool, many more to follow and we will be moving around the pools as the season progresses.

A good turn out with all particiapnts having a great day, well done to all and particularly to;

1st - Andy Turner, 31lb

2nd - Jason Bucknel, 19lb 14oz

3rd - Steve Booton, 9lb 15oz

4th - Joshua Stockes, 9lb 7oz

25th October 2017

What is this about - Why is it there?


During one of our routine Night Patrols on Randlay Pool tonight we have discovered a number of instances of rope being tied around trees.

This is dangerous to wild life which could get caught in it, or is it being used to attach night lines too?  Either way this must stop and any member found tying rope to trees for ant reason will be reported to the Committee for possible Disciplinary action.

If you know who is putting this rope out please report via using our Contact Page, this can be done anonymously.

26th October 2017

Poaching Deterred


We have today interrupted and deterred a potential Poaching Attempt.

During a routine night patrol we observed 2 small lights on the opposite bank of Middle Pool, on showing our presence it appears the poachers left the pool.  On closer investigation it was discovered that a tent had been set up, it appears that this was left when the poachers left.  No other equipment was found and lines had been set.


Our continued Night Patrol continue to have successes. 

Dangerous Occurrence and Rule Breaking


We have today found the item opposite, a metal rake type object, possibly part of the top of a a security fence, this has been used as an improvised BBQ, but just left in the middle of the path around Blue pool.

It goes without saying that this is a dangerous item, what would happen if a child was running along the path and fell on it, it doesn't bare thinking about.

You should be aware; firstly that Fires are not permitted on any of our waters, secondly, it is irresponsible to leave such objects, or any rubbish on the banks - you face disciplinary action if your are discovered doing so and finally, you risk us losing access to the water, our Landlords are within their rights to stop us using a water if we do not look after it.

22nd October 2017

22lb Carp from Blue Pool. 


A beautiful and Healthy 22 lb Carp caught at Blue Pool today by Kevin Bailey.

It was also great to see the care and skill shown by Kevin whilst handling this fish, all the right equipment; good quality net, large unhooking mat and weighing sling not to mention the gentleness in handling and returning to the water.

If you look after the fish they can continue to thrive and be caught again.  Well Done Kevin, a credit to TAA.

18th October 2017


We would all agree that there are always improvements that can be made in the way we protect our waters from illegal activities, whether through Poaching, Fishing without a Licence, Using inappropriate Tackle or even littering.  These issues were addressed at a recent Bailiffs meeting where appropriate steps and ways of working were agreed; additional Bailiffs have been appointed, Association Officials will be more active in patrolling our waters, Group Patrols will take place, Night Patrols will be carried out and Bailiffs will be patrolling waters other than their 'home' waters, these actions will result in anglers seeing many more patrols and checks being carried out. 


The first 2 night Patrols took place on;

  • 16th October - Apley Lake and Little Apley Pool

  • 17th October - Trench Pool, Middle Pool, Blue Pool, Randlay Pool, Madebrook Pool and Holmer Lake.


During our patrol of Middle Pool a dangerous issue was identified, a Bailiff was caught by a line tied to a tree and strung across and around other trees, this incident could have been very serious as the line was strung at chest height, a young person walking into this and the lie would have been at neck height!  There is no excuse for line to be tied in such a manner and any member found laying lines such as this will be reported to the Committee for the appropriate action to be taken.  No issues were identified on any other pool.


Further, and regular, patrols will be taking place across all waters including our River stretches.


All Members are reminded that they are perfectly entitled to ask to see any other members licence.  We would also like to ask all members to report any activities that are breaking Association rules to a Bailiff (Head Bailiffs telephone number is on your Permit), by message to this website or to a Committee Member, please provide as much detail as possible and DO NOT put yourself at risk. 

7th October 2017


Match report by our roving reporter, Jon Portman; 

Well what can I say , a day to remember the legend and I say legend as it's used all to often for high profile anglers which dont deserve it but this guy certainly deserves to be called this the man we call STAN.  Stan Harris was a massive influence in my path on my fishing journey and many others and was at the forefront in the vision of bringing Juniors In to fishing.

Today 25 anglers turned out to honour the first memorial match on Apley Pool.  It was like a pool of two halves as one side of the pool the carp were showing and the other just silvers.

Shaun Walton was one of the first to book on for this and came out of retirement to fish it and kept it simple with a 2 rod approach; one method and one on the bomb to keep fish coming steady to easily won the match with what might be the best match weight on there with 105lb 14oz which is a fantastic weight so well done.
2nd and this bloke needs no introduction on Apley having been one of the first people to fish kio pond pellets on the hook all them years ago on there and winning matches and today weighed in 71lb 1oz, another close friend of stans Michael Musgrave well done mate I'm well pleased for you. 
3rd and this 3 x club champion worked hard on the pole as this carp certainly gave him a good fight was Eliot Johnson weighing in 34lb 9oz, class angler and well done.
Section winners; A section with a lovely net of silver's was Paul Ashley Biggs with 15lb 10oz, B section was Paul Bucknell with 19lb 10oz.


Massive thankyou goes to Allyson Smith and Andrea Stokes who took it upon themselves to cook all the food for everyone and make sure they were kept ok all day, guys your fantastic and have made the day unforgettable.  Bethany Paige Stokes and Connor Lamb you both were fantastic today delivering all food and drinks to the pegs all day, thankyou to both your both stars.

Thanks also to TAA's Malcolm Kelly for donating the water today and supplying a new shield for this match and Alby Edwards for his team's work on the pegs.

Thanks for the donations from the people that did not fish today, Duncan BiddleStephen Brennan Ronald Mullinder ,Roy HaywardStephen Gibbins, Ray BatesSteve Booton, Stuart Preece, and Rod n Gun Angling Club and Ken ClayBig thanks to everyone for fishing and raising the money for the new charity.

Last but certainly not least a massive thankyou to Jean who's was stans Wife who came down today knowing it was a year to the day we laid the big man to rest so it must of been very hard for you but for me it was the icing on the cake to see her there.  Nice to see Bryn Lamb there using one of Stans old reels and fishing the Waggler like Stan used to do, good memories and yes we can't call Bryn 2lb Bryn anymore as he weighed in 3lb 13oz 😉.

Everyone it's been a absolute pleasure to run this match and roll on next year.

Please check out our Gallery page for some photos.

1st October 2017

LICENCE PATROL / ILLEGAL FISHING - Environment Agency, Police, Angling Trust and TAA Bailiffs

Following reports and incidents of Illegal Fishing in the Telford area a joint patrol between the TAA, Angling Trust, Environment Agency and the Police took place on Sunday 1st October consisting of 5 Bailiffs, 3 EA Officers and 2 Police Officers.

Throughout the day 61 Anglers were checked on 16 pools in the Telford and the River Severn from Buildwas to Ironbridge.  The vast majority of anglers were fishing legally and had the relevant licences, however 3 anglers were identified as having no Club Permits to fish the water they were fishing and were required to purchase the appropriate day ticket, a further 3 anglers were identified as having no Rod Licence and were reported for possible prosecution by the EA.

The day was considered a success by all concerned and a number of the Anglers checked commented on how positive it was it see these Patrols and checked being carried out in order to protect our Fisheries.

Further Patrols will be scheduled to take place over the coming months.

27th September 2017


There will be a memorial match on Apley Pool on 7th October in memory of Stan Harris.


Stan was a great inspiration to many people, an absolute gentleman who never a raised voice or had a bad word to say about anyone, often putting others before himself and was at the very forefront of getting juniors into fishing.  He's help 1000s of kids and adults in their fishing adventures over the years and has been a treasured member of several clubs within the Telford Area.


This is a closed match with everyone fishing having had a connection to Stan in one way or another.  This match is to honour the 1st year without the big grin in the sky and all money raised will go towards the set up of a disabled festival to which Stan used to run many years ago .   Although the match is full please fell free to come down and say hi, and if you want make a donation to the cause that would be very welcome, if you know of any businesses that you think would be willing to make a donation to help set up this brilliant cause then please  ask them to get in touch via the website and we will pass on details to Jon Portman and the other organisers.


Thanks in advance to everyone taking part or donating.

31st August 2017

FREE MEMBERSHIP PERMITS.  in order to improve our fishing environment the Committee have taken a very positive decision designed to encourage members to help on working parties; to improve access to swims and repair or renew pegs.

Members who take part in 3 or more officially organised working parties will be given a FREE Permit for 2018 (conditions apply).

In addition refreshments will be provided at all work parties and all tools and equipment will also be supplied.  All you, as a member, need to do is turn up and help.

If your interested in helping on work parties please 'subscribe' to our website and we will keep you informed of dates, times etc.  The subscription form is at the bottom of every web page.

4th August 2017

WILDLIFE PROTECTION.  It is disappointing that some Anglers still think it acceptable to discard line on the bank.  The picture opposite was taken at Apley Pool on 4th August 2017, this line was not reeled in from the water where it had snapped and could not be retrieved, it was simply lying on the bank / waters edge where any animal could get caught.  There is no excuse for discarding line such as this, it needs to be taken home and destroyed or put in your bin.  Members should note, if you are found discarding line such as this you will face the Associations disciplinary rules which could lead to you be bared.  Protect our Waters, take your litter home

3rd August 2017

TOUGH CONDITION ON BUIDWAS 1.  The exceptionally heavy rain of the past few days has made the conditions on Buildwas 1 tough going.  Thankful that the water level has increased somewhat, but the flow has increased so significantly that your float is at the bottom of your swim within seconds of it hitting the water, the heavy wind has also made it difficult to place your float to the far bank.


This has meant the need to Fish close in to the nearest bank where the flow is 'upstream', against the main flow and the wind blowing you into the bank side vegetation.  Very little being caught today!

18th July 2017

GOOD REPORTED PIKE CATCHES.  On a walk along our Buildwas 3 stretch and talking to an experienced angler it was reported that there are some good quality Pike to around 10lb being caught from the Rowing Club landing stage.  We didn't witness the catches or see photos but we have no reason to doubt this info.  Small spoons were the order of the day.

Remember, FISH SAFETY, if your going to chase these Pike make sure your tackle is up to the job, wire trace, large unhooking forceps etc., we don't want any fish swimming around with half of your tackle in tow and you don't want to lose the fish or tackle.  Just a thought!

13th July 2017

LITTER PROBLEM.  Can we remind all members of the need to clear away all litter.  The photo below shows just a small part of the litter found today at Madebrook, cleared 2 carrier bags full of rubbish, whilst it included MacDonalds wrappers and other rubbish it also included numerous empty cans of Sweetcorn; this clearly suggest that it has been left by Anglers.  TAA rules forbid the bringing of tins onto waters, bait should be emptied into bait boxes to be brought to the pool.  Whilst you may not feel you should clear away other peoples rubbish can we also remind all members to clear their pegs of all rubbish when they leave, including that left by others - always a good idea to carry a couple of rubbish bags - it really does make a difference.

ILLEGAL FISHING.  4 Anglers have today been caught fishing Madebrook without licences, 2 had EA Rod Licences but no TAA permits and 2 had no licences at all.  This was the result of a TAA member talking to the anglers and through conversation establishing they had no licence's, the Bailiff was informed and attended within 30 minutes.  All members have the duty to police our waters and report anything untoward to Bailiffs or via this website by email or contact form, You pay for your fishing so should everyone else, but do not put yourself in any harm at any time.

10th July 2017

PEG IMPROVEMENTS.  We need your help!  Volunteers needed to help repair and / or install new pegs and platforms at some of or waters.  All equipment and tools are supplied, we just need some manpower.  Help to make our waters better, if you can help, drop us a line at

1st July 2017

TAA launch their new Website.  This is your site, send through your News articles, stories, tips and photos and we'll review and publish if appropriate.  You can also sign up to our new Forum where you can discuss your thoughts, views and questions directly with other members. 

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