Rules - General

The following rules apply to all members;

  1. Members MUST be possession of a current Environment Agency (EA) Rod Licence and Association Permit and MUST produce them to TAA Bailiffs or Officials on demand.

  2. Members unable to produce their valid TAA Membership Permit must purchase day tickets.

  3. Members must observe the statutory closed season for coarse fish on rivers and conform to Association rules and those of their Members Club.

  4. Members must always, where possible, keep to paths, close all gates and not interfere with any crops.

  5. Responsible Fishing

    • No tins (i.e. Sweetcorn, Luncheon Meat etc.) are to be taken onto Association waters.

    • No fires are to be lit.

    • No Camping.

    • Take your litter home - any litter, line etc. at the peg you are fishing is your responsibility.

  6. Barbless hooks only on Association still waters.

  7. No surface or floating baits on Association still waters.

  8. Night fishing is only allowed on designated waters (see section below).

  9. No Spinning or Treble hooks allowed on Apley Pool.  Treble hooks only allowed on other waters when Pike fishing.

  10. No fish to be retained in Keepnets or sacks for more than 5 hours.  Keepnets at Apley pool must be staked out.

  11. Maximum amount of Ground Bait at Apley pools - 2kg dry weight.

  12. Juniors must be accompanied by an adult when fishing River stretches.

  13. No one under 18 years of age is allowed to night fish.

  14. All fish, including Pike ad Eels must be returned to the water alive.

  15. Maximum number of rods allowed in use = 3 rods per angler (if your EA licence allows).  Tackle must not intrude into any pegs or swim occupied by another angler without their consent.

  16. Live bait allowed at Middle Pool only.  Only live baits caught at Middle Pool to be used, no live baits to be brought from other waters or purchased.

  17. TAA contests will be fished to modified Angling Trust rules.

  18. Any angler contravening TAA rules shall be disciplined as decided by the Executive Committee.

  19. No boats of any description on any TAA water, except official work parties.

  20. No digging of banks without prior permission from TAA.

  21. TAA reserves the right to refuse or rescind membership without refund in the case of misdemeanour.

  22. All anglers must follow the instructions of the TAA bailiffs and / or Town Park Rangers.

  23. Fish must be placed on an unhooking mat for photos, not on the ground or fishing platform.  Fish must be over an unhooking mat when being weighed.

The Association recommends the use of Barbless Hooks on running waters.

Night Fishing - minimum 18 years of age

Night Fishing IS ALLOWED on the following waters;

  • Middle Pool (Trench)

  • Blue Pool (Town Park)

  • Randlay Pool (Town Park)

  • Trench Pool

  • Holmer Lake

  • Newport Canal (no keepnets allowed whilst night fishing)

  • River Stretches - at Bailiffs discretion, permission must be sought prior to fishing

Special Night Permit Waters - available to purchase in addition to your permit;

  • Apley Pool

  • Priorslee Flash (Hangmans Pool)

Night Fishing IS NOT ALLOWED on the following waters;

  • Little Apley Pool

  • Wide Waters

  • Tee Lake

  • Dothill Pool

  • Dandy Pool

  • Castle Pool

  • Madebrook Pools

  • Horeshay Pool

Environment Agency Freshwater Rod Fishing Rules

In addition to the above association rules you must also abide by the Environment Agencies Freshwater Rod Fishing Rules, details of these can be found by clicking here.