14th July 2018

A fantastic day had by all, click on the links below for a full update on how the day went complete with photos.



Access to Angling

Casting Beyond Boundaries

14th July 2018


A message from our event organiser - Jon Portman


Many years ago (when I was a junior) I had the privilege of meeting a great man, that man was Stan Harris, his vision of junior angling was far beyond it's time and for me a very big influence in my path in angling to what I've become today.


Stan had a massive Influence in setting up the Special Needs Festival which was a big success, but over the last few years it stopped for some reason which was a shame, sadly STAN past away and I suddenly realised we both had the same passion in fishing, getting Juniors into fishing and showing what angling can do for people with disabilities and special needs so for me carrying on this vision was a absolute must so now I'm resurrecting the Disability and Special Needs event but with mine and my teams twist to it


Last year I worked with a couple of groups that had disabilities, special needs and behavioural problems and fishing has changed their lives so this is why I'm so passionate about getting this project off the ground now and for it to continue for many years to come.

Event Sponsors
There are many people who are giving their time to ensure this event is a success, and our thanks go out to these often unnamed and faceless individuals.
However, as with everything there are costs and without the following Sponsors this event could not take place - A massive thank you to all of the companies, big and small who have happily and without question made valuable financial contributions.  All we would ask of you is to repay this by giving your business to them.