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Telford And District Juniors

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What Is Telford And District Juniors?

Welcome to the new Telford and District Juniors angling club page.

Our aim is to get all youngsters, both girls and boys "Off their Xbox's and on to Seat Boxes" Telford Angling Association offer an exciting and fun packed coaching programme and plenty of fishing competitions throughout the year.

We cater for most ages, 5 years up to 16 years of age, and if you haven't got any fishing tackle, don't worry we can arrange something for you to give angling a try!

Our indoor and "on the bank" classes, and competitions get the whole family involved making this a fantastic, and very friendly group of young fishing enthusiasts to be a part of.

Over the next few months this website will grow with information, results of matches, pictures, and lots of hints and tips which you will find on our Blog, which will surely help you on your way during your fishing adventures.

Rest assured, your in safe hands with qualified level 1 and level 2 coaches there to help you every step of the way.

Jon Portman (Head Level 2 Coach and TAA Chairman).


How Telford And District Juniors Clases Work.

Angling (fishing) is not as cut and dry as sticking a bit old old stale bread on a hook and line, then expecting to get the catch of a lifetime!

We want to ensure that those who attend our classes become the best young fishing mad kids as they can be!

Although our main mission is to get the junior anglers to a level where they can feel comfortable fishing in the "Junior National" competition every year, we also understand that some either may not be able to commit to this and/or just want to learn how to catch a few fish and spend some time by the water on the weekend and school holidays; Because of this, the classes are done in a very relaxed, and fun way so that enjoyment comes above competition. 

The year starts with indoor classes, usually around March, for around 8 weeks, followed by practical sessions on the bank where the youngsters get to put their newly learned skills into action. This is the time that many of the group catch their first ever fish!

The outdoor fishing lessons run from the end of the indoor classes, right through Summer and into Autumn 

During the course of the sessions, we hold local fun competitions at both TAA fisheries, and well known commercial venues that are within the local area as well as medals, trophies, prizes and giveaways to be had by all!

Junior Fishing Classes In Telford. Telford And District Juniors.

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Indoor Fishing Classes.

Unlike most of the other junior angling lessons, Telford Angling Association hold indoor classes for the Telford And District Juniors. We feel that by starting the young anglers on fishing basics before going out is the most beneficial way for the squad to get the most out of their fishing adventures. 

The classes are run by our Head Coach and TAA Chairman Jon Portman. With the help of a team of qualified Level 1 and Level 2 Angling Coaches who have all gained their qualifications through 1st for Sport, and are fully DBS checked, there is no better team of highly enthusiastic Angling Coaches in the area, and further afield!

Telford And District Juniors indoor classes teach and educate the kids on many subjects including the following:

  • Environmental issues such as littering, water quality concerns, and the impact weather can have on the fisheries.

  • Identification of the different fish, birds, insects and other wildlife that may be seen when out fishing, and how to ensure that they are all treated with care, and respect.

  • Different methods of fishing, and when best to use them.

  • How to set up their fishing tackle correctly so that it is done correctly for the species, and conditions of the day, but most of all safely!

  • How to prepare fishing bait correctly so that it is safe for the water, the fish and animals that live in the water, and what baits are favored by the fish that they want to catch.

  • How to be a great team member with good communication, respect, and encouragement for each person in the group. Winning is great, but taking part is even better! 

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Outdoor (Practical) Fishing Classes.

Once the Juniors have completed their indoor classes, it's time to put it all into practice!

This is the part that the squad have been itching for, and the suspense leading up to this point is electric!

This is where the Juniors bring their tackle, bait, and guardians to one of TAA's fantastic pools that are suitable for training. The two pools that are mainly used are:

  • Little Apley

  • Wide Waters

These pools have a large diversity of species, and all at different sizes including double figure in weight fish, these large fish get the excitement flowing, as all the Juniors want to "catch the BIG one!"

The lessons are headed by the same group of coaches as the indoor classes outlined above

The young anglers will learn all the methods, techniques and correct presentation to catch the fish that they are eager to hook. 

Many of our new starters have never caught a fish, and we are proud to give them the opportunity to make their dream come true!

We don't expect the new starters to have their own tackle, especially when some are so young to begin with. Some of the coaches bring their own fishing tackle for the Juniors to have a go at angling, and see if it is something that they would like to pursue as an engaging, fun, and sociable hobby. 

Telford Angling Association have a fantastic program called "The Regeneration Project" where fishing tackle is donated to the Club, and is given to the most dedicated young anglers for their use with us, and in their own fishing! More information can be found below.

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Junior Matches

For many of our Juniors, these are the best sessions in the calendar!

Telford Angling Association reserve some fantastic local fisheries for our youngsters to explore and experience.

The natural competitiveness comes out and the fun begins! Many of the squad are in practice for the Annual Junior Nationals Competition that Telford And District Juniors enter every year, more information below.


Even if some of the kids have no intention of competing at a national level, they still have a fantastic time at these venues, and many have the best net of fish they have ever had, as the indoor classes, and then the practical classes have given them the skills, and confidence to do what they thought was impossible, may do indeed "catch the BIG one" during matches, and many of them win medals and trophies for their efforts! 


TAA and Telford And District Juniors fishing matches are fun, exciting and really help build good friendships and a team spirit between the young anglers.  

Telford And District Juniors At The Junior Nationals Westwood Lakes 2022

The Regeneration Project.

All young Anglers need the right training, advice and experiences to ensure that they become the best they can be at our sport to ensure that not only do they have the knowledge to catch every time they go out (hopefully), with the right tactics, care and attention to the fish, wildlife and environment they will encounter. 

As much as the young anglers of Telford and District Juniors can do their best on the day, they can't do it without fishing tackle! This is where The Regeneration Project comes into play where generous people donate tackle that can be used by our juniors and get them started.

More information can be found here.

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