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Our Waters

Telford Angling Association, TAA are Shropshire's premier angling association, and definitely the BEST value for money "club" in the region! Where else can you have access to the amount of water in which to fish at the prices we offer? You'd be hard pushed to answer that!

We have still waters, the River Severn and even a section of canal style fishing where you have the chance to target every single species of "course fish" you want.

Below are a few images of some of our members memorable catches.

**If you would like to showcase your own achievements on one of our waters, please email Telford Angling Association at with your name, venue caught and a good photograph of your capture(s) and we can have your fish showcased here!


Find Out More - TAA Waters.

Click the button to take you to a list of all Telford Angling Association fishing venues where you can find out more information, buy day tickets, and to save even more money than the fantastic value we already offer, buy a year's membership!

Our Members Catches!

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