River Severn

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Buildwas 2

A long wide and quite fast flowing stretch, starting approximately 200 metres from Buildwas bridge (junction of Much Wenlock road and Buildwas road), fishing starts where the Electricity Pylon crosses the river to just upstream of the Meadow Inn.

Expect to catch Chub, Dace, Grayling and Pike.


Parking is very limited.  At the start of the stretch parking is on the verge next to the swing gate or along the road, however this is a narrow road so you may be better parking a little further away and walking.  Parking is also possible on the roadside just downstream of the Power Station entrance next to the swing gate which can give access to the lower reaches.


Due to the access this stretch is not considered suitable for the less active or those with mobility concerns.


Most baits will work here and trotting floating bread has paid dividends as will spinning in Winter for the Pike.

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Buildwas 3

A deep and wide faster flowing stretch and quite straight so you can trot or spin for a considerable length. Fishing from the Rowing Club steps is at the discretion of the Rowing Club when they are using the steps.


Expect to catch Chub, Dace, Grayling and Pike


Parking is on the road at the top of the Rowing Club or in Dale Fields (Public Car Park).  Access is very easy and may therefore be suitable for those with mobility concerns.  Fishing from the Rowing Club steps is easy and therefore suitable for novices or for someone who just wants an easy couple of hours fishing.


Most baits will work here and Spinning for the Pike is straight forward from the steps.

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88 Yds

This stretch follows on precedes and is similar in style to Davies Field, located in Coalport this stretch can be quite shallow at times with a very rocky bottom and a fast flow.

This is not the easiest stretch to fish and access to the water may require some undergrowth removal.

Normal species can be expected, Dace, Chub, Grayling but also Barbel have been caught here.

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