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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about Telford Angling Association that you need answering fast? Look at the FAQ's on this page. It will save both you, and TAA a lot of time!


If so, Please read this F.A.Q post BEFORE contacting us. 👍


Q. "When will I receive my new TAA card?" 
A.  When you purchase a year's TAA card, your details, along with all of the other purchasers details are sent to our printing partner.  Our partner is very busy, and we send them a lot of card requests every month, so the time scale for production can be up to 8 weeks from the time you joined. In busier times, this might increase. Please See The video below.



Q.  "How can I prove I'm a member of TAA while I wait?"
A.  While you are waiting for your physical TAA card, you can use your receipt as proof of purchase/membership. All TAA Keepers know that the receipt is valid, and any person who asks for your TAA card, and does not accept your receipt, or asks for day ticket money following viewing your receipt is NOT a TAA Keeper. Please beware of such dishonest people, it has been tried many times.



Q.  "The TAA Keeper asked to see my Environment Agency Fishing Licence. Are they allowed to do this?"
A. YES. Any person who is fishing in England is required to hold a Fishing Licence when they are fishing. Even if you have bought your TAA card, you MUST also buy a fishing licence. This is a legal requirement. It is also in the TAA rules that you must be in possession of one. If you fail to provide this to the Keeper when asked, they WILL ASK YOU TO LEAVE, as you will be fishing illegally.
If you need to buy a fishing licence. Go to:



Q.  "Do I need a fishing licence if I am under 16 years old?"
A.  YES and NO.  Just like adults, all persons 13-16 are required by law to have a licence. The good news is, this is FREE, and only requires you to register yourself with the Environment Agency on the website linked above. You will not get a physical card, but your details will be held with the Environment agency as being licenced to fish. 



Q.  "Am I allowed to night fish all of TAA waters now that I am a member?"
A.  The short answer is NO. Not all of TAA waters allow night fishing. Please see and look for the pool you want to fish to see if night fishing on your standard permit is permitted.



Q.  "Can I magnet fish on TAA waters?"
A. NO, you cannot magnet fish on TAA waters.



Q.  "Can I put nets into TAA waters for Crayfish?"
A.  No, even if you have a licence for trapping Crayfish from the Environment Agency, TAA will not give the public permission to trap Crayfish on our waters. Your TAA card permits normal fishing activities only.



Q.  "Can I use/fish from a boat on TAA waters?"
A.  No, ALL water craft, including bait boats, canoes, Kayaks, SIB/RIB style boats etc are not permitted on TAA waters.



Q. "Where can I find Telford Angling Association rules, as I don't want to be in breach of them, or lose my membership?"
A.  You can find all of TAA's rules on the website here:
We hope that this has answered some of your burning questions, and save both you, and TAA from asking/answering these common questions.



Thank you.
The TAA Team. 👍🎣

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