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Night Permits 2023 Update.

TAA night permits went up for grabs yesterday with a massive amount of anglers queueing up for one.

Dawley high street has never seen so many people!! 😉

Due to the high numbers of anglers who got to Rod & Gun Tackle Shop nice and early to have a good chance of getting a ticket, our secretary, who was handing the applications out had to make a last minute change, and allow each person to collect only one application so it's fair for those waiting in line.

TAA know that in the past, we allowed folks to take an application for a friend, many folks may have expected it to be the same, we did too, we certainly didn't expect the huge response on the day for the limited number of tickets we're allowed to issue.

I know what's coming next in the replies, and sorry, those numbers are nothing to do with us, and we have asked about raising the number, but the powers at be just won't budge 😢.

So, if you missed out, there are a few left for Big Apley and Trench Pool. You can collect an application from Brian at Rod & Gun Tackle shop if you would like one.

Thanks to everyone who showed their support for TAA on Saturday morning.

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Russell Price
Russell Price
May 02, 2023


Waiting to hear if i have been sucessful in my application. May have made it soynd as though im not a TA member on my application. I am . Thabks

Russ Price

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