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Save The Dates!! Telford And District Juniors Coaching Is Back For 2023!

This is an all too familiar sight. Our kids are spending so much time indoors while the world passes them by. They're missing out on so much while staring and screaming at the TV! Many of these youngsters only exercise their thumbs, and if they're anything like my teenage lad, the thought of fresh air, in-person conversation and sunlight are the scariest things they could imagine! (Seriously, he lives in his dark bedroom playing his console non-stop. Try getting him out of it.... I'll say no more!).

We have a saying at Telford And District Juniors:

"Get Off Those Xboxes And On To Seatboxes"

Joking aside, if you're reading this blog, then I have no need to try and convince you about the many advantages fishing has not only for adults, but kids too! You're here because either you, or someone you know is fishing mad! So, let's get on to the main topic of this post shall we?

Telford and District Junior coaching is back on for 2023!

Just look at those smiles in the image above, you can't beat it (that Tench looks grumpy doesn't it?), and it just goes to show that when your kid(s) join up with us and learn how to fish correctly, not only do they have a fantastic time, but they also manage to catch some decent fish too.

All of our coaches are fully qualified Angling Coaches, and fully DBS checked and passed.

The coaching starts with the indoor classes on TUESDAY 7th MARCH 2023 6:00pm at the Mallard function room.

Following the indoor classes, we then move on to outdoor classes where our juniors get to put their newly honed skills to the test and catch some fish! We also arrange junior matches at some fantastic venues where there's trophies and medals to be won!

All the kids have a fantastic time, and they become a fantastic team, and good friends.

**We don't have the capacity to supply fishing tackle and bait to everyone, so all those who wish to fish the outdoor practical sessions should bring their own tackle and bait for the sessions, and the matches.

For those who have never fished before, there is limited availability for them to use a coaches equipment and bait for the classes only.**

For more information about Telford And District Juniors, you can go to our page on the website at or email us at:

You can also see our meet dates and fun match dates on our calendar here:

Sessions are £3.00 per session, and all monies go back to Telford And District Juniors 100%

We look forward to seeing you there!

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