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Welcome To Telford Angling Association (TAA).

What We Do Best

Telford Angling Association (TAA) is the managing organisation that runs numerous Coarse Fishing waters (lakes, ponds, canal and river stretches) in and around Telford, Shropshire. It is one of the largest Angling Associations in the West Midlands with both members and non members (who fish by purchasing Day Tickets on the bank) choosing to fish with us due to our large portfolio of waters that suit all abilities and styles of coarse fishing.

TAA is not a fishing club as you might normally understand it, we own or lease waters which smaller clubs possibly could not afford or would not wish to take responsibility for. Clubs, both small or large, can affiliate to TAA, TAA then allows members of Affiliated clubs to use its waters at substantially reduced membership fees. If you are not a member of, or prefer not to join an affiliated club you can still fish TAA waters as a Non Affiliated member, but it is normally cheaper to first join an affiliated club, details can be found on our Join Us page


TAA hold regular Committee meetings which are open for nominated representatives of the affiliated clubs to attend on behalf of the affiliated club and to raise any questions or queries on behalf of that club, individual members of affiliated clubs are not able to attend committee meetings as it is the club that is a member of TAA not the individual angler. If, as a member of an affiliated club, you would like to raise any questions or have any ideas or suggestions please do so through your club (this will be detailed on the top of your TAA permit), TAA would be pleased to hear any questions you may have.


In line with good Governance practices TAA has a detailed Constitution, is overseen by an experienced committee and Annual Accounts are produced and Audited by an Accredited Accountant / Auditor.

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For Information on the latest Telford Angling Association match bookings, or you are interested in booking with us on one (or more) of our waters, click below.

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Want to know if the water you want to fish is free?

Visit the Telford Angling Association calendar and check for matches and events booked on our waters.

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Buy your Day Ticket on one of our fantastic venues, or alternatively, grab a yearly membership and save BIG on your fishing trips!!


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Get in touch with Telford Angling Association, and we will get back to you ASAP**.

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** Telford Angling Association (TAA) is run by volunteers. Please give time for any replies to your messages.

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