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Welcome To The New Telford Angling Association Website and Blog!

Welcome To The New Telford Angling Association Website and Blog!

Well, first let me say thank you for taking the time to take a look at the new website for Telford Angling Association, or more commonly known as TAA. We're so happy that you have come by to say hello!

What Can I do On The TAA Website?

Well, there is plenty that you can do on the new and improved TAA website. In the past, using the old website, there wasn't much that you could do other than buy a day ticket, or a yearly membership to the fishing club. It really wasn't very useful for our members and interested anglers who would like to visit one of our venues for a day's angling.

This new and improved website has taken the association a very long time to produce from scratch, and we needed the website to be as functional as we can to allow for a better user experience. There's bound to be a few minor issues along the way, but we aim to have any problems sorted out ASAP.

Buying Day Tickets And Memberships Online With Telford Angling Association (TAA).

You are now able to purchase a day ticket, or rolling yearly membership from any of the "our Waters" pages, as well as the Main Page, and the Membership Page. This makes navigating around the website a lot easier than it ever was! No more searching around for where to buy your day ticket and for the water that you want to go fishing at.

The same as above is true for your TAA membership needs, weather you're an adult, OAP, a disabled angler, or under 18 years old, and need a junior membership, it has never been easier to get exactly what you need.

Membership Pages.

Each new TAA member, when they buy their membership through the website will have the opportunity to open their own portal on the website, which will allow them to receive updates to themselves as soon as they come out. They will be able to track any responses to blog posts, follow other members and discuss the topics that are of interest to them.

Telford Angling Association understand that not everyone uses Facebook, or has access to our page. This is why signing up online is helpful, as in the past, if we have had to make pool closures, or there is any maintenance being carried out, it was always noted on Facebook, and not everyone got the information when they needed it!

Fishing Venue Information.

All Telford Angling Association fishing venues had a dedicated page in the past however, the information was very limited, and quite boring to look at.

Now, we have more information on the waters as well as a Google Maps, and What Three Words information for each venue so that anyone wishing to visit can find their way to the venue of choice.

The TAA Blog.

Telford Angling Association now have a fantastic new Blog to keep everyone informed about what's going on with the association! Our blog will keep you informed every step of the way for the topics that interest you!

The TAA Calendar.

The new Calendar will be one of the best improvements compared to the old one. In the past, this was very unreliable, and those wishing to know what fishing matches are coming up in advance of planning their angling couldn't see what was going on!

Use our calendar to keep you informed about any matches or closures!

If you would like to become an affiliated angling club, and book your own club matches on one of our many fantastic waters, you're able to do so too, with the information needed to do so!

Telford And Wrekin Juniors Angling Training.

One of the biggest achievements that an angling club can have is to be able to train the up and coming anglers of the future, and be successful at doing it!

Visit our dedicated page for the Telford and Wrekin Juniors and find out more, maybe even register your own youngsters in the program, run by fully certified, and DBS checked coaches!

Plus Much More On The Website.

Now you have a small understanding of the new and improved website, and a little about what you're able to do on the site as a visitor, and how to become a member of Telford Angling Association.

The next thing to do, is go and have a look around at the website, buy or renew your membership, create your personal portal and of course, GO FISHING!

We hope that you have a fantastic year's angling with us, and appreciate everything we are doing to keep fishing alive, and future proof, as the best sport in the region.


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Hi All, I recently lost a Korum 12ft Rod and Korum Axis 4000 reel in Big Apley pool. I was unhooking my sons fish and my rod disappeared. I had a good wade about but no luck. If anyone finds it and wants to keep it then please enjoy, if you want to return it, there is a small reward on offer.

Many Thanks to you all

Steve 07811 707491


Pete Urky Urquhart
Pete Urky Urquhart
Nov 29, 2022

Good work guys. 👏

Replying to

Hi Pete,

Thank you for you kind words. 😁


David Poole
David Poole
Nov 29, 2022

Very good particularly the Junior page

Replying to

Hi David,

Thank you for your kind words. Hopefully we can grow the juniors training events to be bigger and better!

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