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Priorslee Flash Anglers!!


Residents are bombarding myself with messages and pictures of vans and cars regarding anglers behaviour on the flash with weed smoking using house addresses late at night for food delivery , parking cars in areas they shouldn't be and blocking driveways.

This is not acceptable especially when fishing the main far side grass areas.

Yesterdays Van and car incident with the car driver stinking of weed was the last straw.

Residents have now started reporting all cars and vans over the last couple of weeks to the police for Drug Driving and Anti social behaviour outside there properties.

Peeing up fences at night is not acceptable either as the permits strictly say you must have a bivvy toilet with you at all times.

The residents are now putting a petition together to stop Angling on there and i cant really blame them.

Personally I've saved the fishing on there once by placing in strict night fishing rules along side our normal rules and this was very effective but now it seems people and a small minority think its ok to spoil the fantastic fishing which the flash has to offer for the majority and if this petition goes ahead your in real danger of losing it altogether.

So it's upto you, the fishing is in your hands, behave or get banned or even worse lose it altogether.


Jon Portman


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