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Blue Pool and Randlay Parking

Those who regularly fish on our Blue and Randlay pools may want to listen up!!

Following complaints from residents on Fisherman's Walk (street/ex car park for this area), we have noticed that they have decided to have a private tow company ready at all times for those who park on the street.

Please be aware that TAA has use of 4 parking spaces on the small housing area, which we kindly ask are reserved for night fishing, and Blue badge holders.

Any vehicles not in the designated 4 spots, may have their car towed, impounded, and held at ransom for £130 plus £30 each day!!

The local council are also adding double yellow lines in there which, considering its a private housing estate is quite odd, but all the same.

Please don't say we didn't let anyone know about this if you're prayed upon by a recovery vehicle.


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