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Night Permit Applications Are Now Closed Fot TAA 2023

As many know, Telford Angling Association night permits for Big Apley, Trench Pool and Priorslee Flash we're released and handed out to those who took their time to get up early and collect their application.

Again, because of the huge response this year, a decision was made to allow a single application to be issued per angler was made to ensure fairness to those who queued up early to be there, some from quite far away too.

TAA stood by this last minute change in the interest of fairness.

Again, with TAA being open to anyone in the country, and anyone who has a membership has exactly the same rights as a local angler to fish our waters, we had some people from out of town. Again, TAA want our season tickets to be available at an affordable price to anyone who wants to visit, and night fishing is no exception to any member.

The applications and payments had to be at Rod and Gun Tackle shop last Saturday at the latest, and these have now been collected.

For those who missedthis years opportunity for a ticket, there's always next year, and the way we did it this year will more than likely be the same format moving forward.

Thanks again and tight lines.


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